I’m being forced to write this blog. I don’t really want to do it, but there’s a key being held half an inch from my car door. So you can see the position I’m in. I keep saying, “But I’m a photographer, no one cares what I think”. I know, I know, it’s the the hot “new media” way to connect with people – as if Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, DeviantArt, WaterBored (I made that last one up) weren’t already enough. For the most part, all those sites don’t really require much attention – and I’m good with that – you know… A click here, a click there, pictures of people’s breakfast, pictures of people’s moms – kinda fun really.  But blogs… Blogs seem to require a lot of time and attention. Someone has to actually write them, in the hopes that someone else actually reads them. Then there’s the content.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of great blogs out in the “blogoshpere”, but it’s a bit like fishing. Getting the fish isn’t hard, finding where they swim, is. I tried Googling “blogs that I’d like” and got “About 803,000,000 results (0.17seconds)” but for some reason, nothing. Siri was even more disappointing. I did track down a few on my own but found reading them, while fascinating, was less than productive. I mean, do I really need to know the nutritional value of certain insects? (Caterpillars, by the way, have 28 grams of protein, and Dung Beetles pack a whopping 31mg of calcium and only .2 carbs!)  Or, that April 30th is both National Hairstyle Appreciation Day and National Honesty day. (“Does this haircut make my butt look big?” – see the dilemma?) Seriously, do I care about the correct temperature for incubating duck eggs (99.5 degrees for the first 25 days and 98.5 degrees after that)? That’s right, all that crap from blogs.

I suppose you’re wondering two things about now. One: Why am I still reading this? and Two: Why is he still writing this?

The truth is simple. Marianne made me do it (now get that key away from my car). Seriously, my agent, Marianne Campbell told me I had to do this. She told me in no uncertain terms, “You need to write a blog.”  She said, “Write about your work, post some pictures… Really, people will read it – they’re interested – trust me!” She’s been after me for a year now to sit down and “blog”, telling everyone on her blog it was “coming soon”. So, here goes. I’ll post some pictures. I’ll write some stuff about some stuff (and sometimes about the pictures). I’ll probably lie a lot (except on April 30 – all truth, all day long). I’m sure to offend some people, but hey, I’m bloggin’. And if I actually do offend anyone, Marianne’s number is 415-433-0353. Call late at night.




Here’s a shot of my Mom. She’s looking at a picture she just took of her breakfast. That’s right, a protein-packed caterpillar omelet (organic, of course).

That number again is 415-433-0353.