There’s this thing called TenduTV, and TenduTV has this thing called the “Essential Dance Film” series. Included in the series is one of the films I made with Kate Fisher and Jaime Verazin. It’s called Origami. It was also in a couple of film festivals – Dance Camera West and The San Francisco Dance Film Festival.

I bring all that up because I’ve decided not to write about Origami. I am, in fact, writing about Origami’s sister piece called Dervishes, which we finished a number of months later. I’m feeling a bit defensive now that Dervishes is out. See, I was raised with an older brother, and as you might expect, he got all the attention so I’m quite familiar with that feeling. I mean Dervishes also features the lovely Kate and Jaime. It was shot on the same day, in the same studio, with the same camera, and all I hear is, Origami, Origami, Origami. I know Mom likes Origami best and, yes, I know Origami came out first, but come on, what about Dervishes? Lots of really nice shots of really nice dancing and it’s a whole lot peppier. When is Dervishes getting its day? Really?

Ok, ok, I guess I should probably try entering Dervishes into a few festivals too.