Last year was the 30th anniversary of Alonzo King LINES Ballet. During one of our photo shoots with the LINES dancers for the upcoming season, the idea of a book to mark the occasion was floated around. The conversation went something like this – Robert Rosenwasser: “Since it is our 30th anniversary season, we were thinking about doing a book.” Alonzo King: “I think it could be really beautiful.” RJ: “It should probably have a lot of pictures…”

Of course, it was more complicated than that but essentially it was the the beginning of the Book Project. We did another photo shoot for the book, and then another. Some pictures were used for the seasons in between and there were one or two more shoots. About 140 pictures later, we have a book (as you can see from the picture above).

This season of Alonzo King LINES Ballet opens Friday, October 25th in our home town of San Francisco. Coincidentally, there will be a book marking the occasion on sale in the lobby. While I’m sure I’ve answered all of your questions, should you have any more, I’ll be on stage with Alonzo after the Sunday, October 27th performance to answer the one or two that may come up between now and then.