So, here’s a thing that happened. Andy Goldsworthy. Here’s why and how it happened. I was asked to make a film for the opening sequence of the performance “Boulders and Bones” by ODC/Dance that was loosely based on an Andy Goldsworthy sculpture. The piece was intended to be “activated” when the rain that fell on the mountainside, bringing a stream to life, pouring over the sculpture on its way down the culvert. The only problem was that at the time of the construction, California was in the middle of a drought. Rain had not fallen in any significant quantity for the two prior seasons – and in fact, for the season after that as well.

But the show must go on. So we made the film and “alluded” to water at the end of the piece for the dance performance. The show was a success and few people noticed anything amiss – probably because the film was followed by an hour of dancing and a live performance by Zoë Keating.

Fast forward to present day (that’s film talk) and the rains finally came. I was able to go up, shoot the rain elegantly and beautifully pouring over the activated Cairn (that’s Scottish talk) and complete the film.

And, here it is…