If a film screens in front of a live audience, is it “Live”? What if there are live performers and no audience? “Live?” Hmmm, one hand clapping I guess. In any case, two of my films will be screening at the Dance on Camera 2014 Film Festival in front of a live audience at (of course) Lincoln Center. Even better they will be showing on opening night (Friday, January 31st). The films are titled “Crosswalk” and “Dervishes”. “Crosswalk” is performed by Felipe Barrueto-Cabello and Jessica Swanson (both are still alive). “Dervishes” is performed by Katherine Helen Fisher and Jaime Verazin (also both still alive). Both films were edited by Sam Chase, and at last check, he too is alive.

So, if you happen to be in New York and around Lincoln Center (and you are in fact alive) come see the films. Kate Fisher will be “live” at the opening, which only complicates the existential question altogether.